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is a movement guided by me, Yoga Life Coach – Tracey McDonald.

It is a movement towards balance in the paradox of life, with the intention to live in our true nature. 

Wherever you are at, this life can be your biggest adventure.

If you feel disconnected from the life you are living and you have a true desire to experience another way, I would be honoured to move with you.

For children, adults, and groups, let’s get playful and learn to live in our joy.

Connect with me to engage your story, explore your options, and to embody your true nature, one movement at a time.

Where are you at?


In my online programs, you will go on a journey to discover your whole-being and release what holds you back from the life you truly desire. Find the right one for you.


Enjoy the benefits of 1-on-1 yoga lifestyle coaching, starting with a complimentary call and followed by 45-minute sessions that will utilize a variety of tools and techniques suited to you personally.


Become the teacher you were meant to be through heart-centred training that allows you to first learn to observe and celebrate your own life so you can, in turn, teach others to experience the same.

I have been a student of Tracey’s for many years now. I love how she teaches. She is a natural born teacher. She explains things in a way that I can really relate and understand. She has a beautiful soul and heart which just adds one more reason to love her and her work! I highly recommend taking the opportunity to work with this amazing woman.

                        – Angie                




• Learn to connect with your truth and create more
positive thoughts through an engaging exercise + tips.
• Minimize the urge to escape life and stay on course
to the life you truly want for yourself.
• Process your needs by exploring your feelings one
at a time.
Shift from feeling overwhelmed, stressed and too
attached to feeling motivated, relaxed and at peace.