Fear is a reaction to our ever-changing nature. When we are in fear we tend to avoid life and holding on to familarity, even if it no longer serves us. When we accept fear as a human condition, we can choose to move through fear with the stillness of love – our true nature. 

“The purpose of life is not to trascend the body, but to embody the transcendent” ~ Dalai Lama 

As a Balanced Living Coach, I will support you in moving through your fear with customized options for your life balance. You may not realize that you have many options and feel stuck by how you are currently operating in the world.  Whereever you are in, its ok, to find balance, you need to keep moving. In coaching with me, you will learn to cultivate your heart with playful options. 

In balanced living practices, we go through a process of realizing where we are at and where we want to be. We will use a variety of tools and techniques to connect what works best for you. Every person is unique and therefore every plan will be too. Coaching will support you in realizing your options, and developing personal practices and healthy choices to sustain the life you truly desire. 

Coaching for Balanced Living is not therapy. If you need support in uncovering past experiences in order to heal and grow, I would be happy to refer you to some wonderful therapists. 

  • Balanced Living coaching is one on one.
  • Balanced Living coaching treats the person, not the symptoms.
  • Balanced Living coaching takes a whole-person point of view.
  • Connect with me for a complimentary Discovery call (30minutes)
  • All sessions are 60 minutes online via Zoom (same platform as Discovery call)
  • If Coaching for Balanced Living is a good fit for you, registration and assessment forms (based on what you would like to work on), as well as details to access our Zoom call,  will be sent via email. Forms are to be sent back via email prior to our first session.
  • In each session, we will discuss where you are at, what your options, and who you choose to be.
  • You will set your intention and goals for the week.

I was a client of New Awakenings Treatment Centre in Port Perry for 30 days. During my treatment program, we had Yoga sessions with Tracey. I had never heard of Yoga before, but working with Tracey, I learned breathing techniques and yoga positions which helped me relax the mental and physical stress I was experiencing. The days that I met with Tracey were my favourite days. After a Yoga session, I felt less stress. I have lower back problems and my back never bothered me after our sessions. I will be continuing my practice. I highly recommend Tracey, especially for beginners like me as she made me feel very comfortable and not intimated.

New Awakenings Client

Port Perry, Ontario